Admitted Students: #5 in student engagement — 2021


As part of the effort to maximize yield, during the week beginning Feb. 8, Purdue is engaging with admitted students who haven’t yet made their college choice. This week, we’re emphasizing Purdue’s #5 ranking in student engagement.

Below, find the story of aspiring physician Alyssa Lambrecht, who has spent the majority of her undergraduate years at Purdue performing cancer research in Dr. Herman Sintim’s lab.


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Full Version

Alyssa Lambrecht wants to be a doctor who makes a real difference in discovery and patients’ lives. She found the support and one-to-one involvement of professors to be the perfect path toward a life-saving, satisfying career. #PurdueUniversity #OnlyPurdue

Shortened Version

Alyssa Lambrecht says she found the faculty at Purdue to be far more engaged with students than she expected from a Big Ten school. #PurdueUniversity #OnlyPurdue