Admitted Student Visiting Campus — 2021


As part of the effort to maximize yield, during the week beginning Feb. 14, Purdue is reaching out to students who are trying to make the difficult decision of which college to attend — during a time that physical campus visits aren’t possible.

Below, find the story of freshman Jordan Harris, who had to rely on virtual resources to make her college decision.


Purdue Marketing has provided some assets for campus communicators and recruiters to use on their own channels.

Assets include:

  • A student feature story
  • Social media graphics
  • Suggested social media post language
  • A new virtual tour


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Links to Jordan Harris feature story:

Suggested Social Media Post Language

Please leverage #OnlyPurdue in recruitment and yield-related social content.

Full Version

Not having physical access to campus while making her college decision didn’t stop freshman Jordan Harris from having confidence in choosing #PurdueUniversity. Purdue’s Virtual Experience allowed her to focus her tour on where she’d spend the most time. #OnlyPurdue

Shortened Version

Freshman Jordan Harris could picture her @lifeatpurdue and it was Purdue’s Virtual Experience that gave her the confidence she needed to make her college decision. #OnlyPurdue