Protect Purdue Vaccine Booster Content Package


Protect Purdue is the University’s comprehensive plan to keep our campus and our community safe by limiting the spread of COVID-19. The Protect Purdue Plan continues to evolve, driven by the latest science surrounding COVID-19 and the collective efforts of hundreds.

As part of that evolution, the below information has been constructed to provide guidance, language and assets to be used in sharing education and information about the next stage of Protect Purdue: vaccine boosters.

An overwhelming 89% majority of the Purdue community has already chosen to get a COVID-19 vaccine. All Boilermakers are encouraged to receive a vaccination and a booster as soon as they are eligible. In 2021, Purdue opened a COVID-19 vaccine distribution site on campus to help vaccinate as many students as possible. Get the latest information on the Purdue vaccine clinic here.


The next giant leap in protecting Purdue is getting the Boilermaker community vaccinated. Three safe and highly effective COVID-19 vaccines are now available in the United States. All Boilermakers, especially the most vulnerable, are strongly encouraged to receive the vaccine as part of their continued commitment to protect themselves, protect others and protect Purdue.

Use the following social media assets, language, and copy to guide your weekly marketing and messaging materials to communicate information about the Purdue vaccine clinic, vaccine education, booster eligibility and how we, as a community, can work together to stay healthy and Protect Purdue.


Purdue Marketing and Communications is providing the following assets for campus communicators to use on their own channels:



Use the following tips for effective language while creating copy for social media posts.


Refer to a COVID-19 vaccine directly to deliver succinct messaging.

  • Get the vaccine to protect yourself from COVID-19.
  • A vaccine is the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Protect yourself and the Purdue community by getting the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Getting the vaccine is the right thing to do to protect yourself, protect others and protect Purdue.


Remind our campus community to get their booster shots to further protect themselves and the Purdue community. Please include all elements of the Protect Purdue campaign: vaccinations, boosters, masking, stay home when feeling sick, commitment to the Protect Purdue pledge.

  • Booster Up, Hammer Down COVID-19.
  • Booster Up, Protect Purdue.
  • Booster the Next Giant Leap.
  • Get Boostered, Mask Up, Hammer Down COVID-19.
  • Booster Up. Mask Up. Stay Home if You Feel Sick.


Use “Protect” language to remind our campus community of the commitment we’re asking of them.
  • Protect Yourself.
  • Protect Others.
  • Protect Our Campus.
  • Protect Purdue.
  • Protecting Healthy Communities
  • Protecting Our Future
  • Protecting Our Campus, Again and Again and Again
  • Protecting the Next Giant Leap


Use “Together we will” language to speak to the unity of the Boilermaker community within this effort:
  • Together, we will get through this.
  • Together, we will remain strong.
  • Together, we will stay safe and healthy.
  • Together, we will Protect Purdue.


1. Booster post copy

To protect against variants of COVID-19, vaccinated Boilermakers are encouraged to get their booster as soon as they are eligible. Together, we will take every small step to #ProtectPurdue.

To stop the spread new COVID-19 variants, we keep going. Arm yourself, protect others and #ProtectPurdue with the COVID-19 vaccine booster. 💪 

As #Boilermakers, we keep going — and we keep learning. Clinical studies now show the efficacy of an additional dose to protect against variants of COVID-19. When eligible, arm yourself and get boosted to #ProtectPurdue.  

Arm yourself and #ProtectPurdue. Once eligible, get your COVID-19 booster vaccination—and wear an N95 mask to help stop transmission in our community.

2. Vaccine post copy

All Boilermakers are encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccine if they are able. Together we will take every small step to #ProtectPurdue.  

Arm yourself with the COVID-19 vaccine to stop the spread, protect others, and #ProtectPurdue.

To stop the spread of COVID-19, we keep going. Arm yourself, protect others and #ProtectPurdue with the COVID-19 vaccine. 💪