Purdue No. 3 Free Speech Ranking, 2022


For the second straight year, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has ranked Purdue among the nation’s top universities for free speech and expression. Purdue is ranked No. 3 in the organization’s 2022-23 Free Speech Rankings, up from No. 6 a year ago.


This content package demonstrates Purdue’s commitment to free speech, validated by the ranking released by Campus Pulse and FIRE that named Purdue the #3 University for Free Speech in the U.S. The overall score combines seven unique dimensions to identify the top-ranked college campuses for student free speech and open inquiry. The top-ranked colleges have the highest average score among all students surveyed and have the most open environments for free speech. The Campus Pulse/FIRE ranking suggests that our commitment is novel and worthwhile.

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Self-expression matters at Purdue.

For the second straight year, @TheFIREorg ranked Purdue among the most open campus environments for student free speech and open inquiry. Purdue is No. 3 in the #2022CollegeFreeSpeech rankings, up from No. 6 a year ago.

<link to press release>


The thoughtful exchange of ideas should be a foundational element of the college experience.

For the second straight year, FIRE has recognized Purdue among the most open campus environments for student free speech and open inquiry. Purdue is No. 3 in the #2022CollegeFreeSpeech rankings, up from No. 6 a year ago.

View the rankings: <link to rankings>

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