Visit Campus Content Package


Again and again, the numbers reflect that one of the most influential drivers of a student’s decision to commit to Purdue is a visit to campus. We want to encourage students to visit campus in person, but we’ve also provided ways to experience campus online for out-of-state or international students.

To feed the excitement of a campus visit, we’ve developed assets such as a fun personality quiz and a hyperlapse tour, noting popular highlights along the way.


All of the assets offered here are evergreen resources that can be used to highlight campus. Our goal is to communicate that Purdue offers many ways for students to familiarize themselves with campus, and get to know iconic Purdue buildings and landmarks.

With the many in-person visit opportunities offered by Purdue, these assets offer prospective students a unique look at campus.


  • “Which Purdue Icon Are You?” quiz and link to landing page
  • Hyperlapse tour video
  • Video of Kanika/Fatima (coming soon) at Loeb Fountain
  • Aryana Lynch social graphics with quote
  • Purdue Union Drone Tour video
  • Recommended social posts for all of the above



The following assets are available for download and use. Social assets include files for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Instagram Stories, web banners and digital signs.

NOTE: If InDesign files are needed for any of these assets, please complete the marketing request form on our website.



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Quiz Link: “Which Purdue Icon Are You?”

Story Link: Aryana Lynch
Video Link: Purdue Memorial Union Drone Tour
Video Link: Hyperlapse Tour

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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

“Which Purdue Icon Are You” quiz

Find out which of #PurdueUniversity’s beloved landmarks is the most like you. Will it be the Boilermaker Statue? The Bell Tower? Or are you more of a Boilermaker Special? Take our quiz and tag a friend!

Hyperlapse tour video

You don’t even have to put on shoes for this walk around #PurdueUniversity! Take a four-minute hyper-speed tour with an admissions ambassador and see all the in-person tour highlights, hear fun facts and learn about our favorite traditions.

Purdue Union Drone video

Get a drone’s-eye view of the renovated ground floor at #Purdue Memorial Union. It features 67,000 square feet of floor space, complete with outdoor terraces, expanded seating, pool tables, a fireplace lounge and a dozen food options — perfect for any student’s on-campus needs.

Kanika and Fatima (coming soon) video at Loeb Fountain

Can you fall in love with a place? Two #Boilermaker friends have meaningful memories of how Loeb Fountain brought them together. Hear their story about their favorite campus location, and schedule yourself a visit so you can find yours, too.

Aryana Lynch graphics

#Boilermaker Aryana Lynch says her visit to #PurdueUniversity was such a positive experience, it made her college decision easy. Schedule a visit today for your guided tour, led by our student ambassadors, or check out one of our virtual options. #BoilerUp


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#MySmallStep = Student stories

#MyGiantLeap = Faculty/Alumni stories