Bitly: Link Shortening Service

Bitly is a URL link-shortening service that also provides link management. This is a site that lets you customize and brand your links and allows you to track metrics like engagements and link shares. It’s useful for print, email and external communications.

While Marcom has an enterprise account, there is a free version of Bitly that lets you use up to 10 links per month. It also includes QR codes, Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) builders and Bitly branded link in bio for use on your social media channels.

Bitly auto populates its logo in the middle of the QR code, which can be replaced (or overlaid) with the motion P to further brand your communication.

If you don’t have a Bitly and want to create short links/QR codes, here are some other free options:
Bitly QR code (free version)