Training Videos

Learn more about our brand and discover the best ways to utilize Purdue Marketing and Communications resources through a collection of informative and inspiring videos.

Formulating Our Brand

One Purdue 
Who are we? What do we stand for? Why does Purdue matter? This video outlines the core elements of what makes up Purdue’s brand. 

We Need a Brand
How do we tell the world about Purdue? What is our big idea? This video covers the important questions we asked ourselves during the January 2020 brand relaunch. 

Our Brand Evolution
Learn how Purdue’s 150 Years of Giant Leaps campaign aligned the campus community to speak in one voice and in once character, uniting the brand across every corner of Purdue’s campus.

Our Brand Essence
Who are we? What underlying traits do we all share as Boilermakers? Learn more about our core attributes, what we learned during our brand relaunch and what defines us as Boilermakers across generations.

Brand Narrative
What is the core story we are telling at Purdue? Our brand narrative sets the tone for our writing and language and encompasses our entire messaging strategy and sparks it to life. 

Implementing the Strategy

Master Brand: Logo + Visuals
Learn the basics for the correct use of Purdue’s logo, seal, colors, typography and more. 

Master Brand: Voice + Tone
Learn the basics of Purdue’s brand narrative, personality, voice, language and tone.  

Master Brand: Strategy + Messaging
Learn the foundational elements of the Purdue brand, including who our audiences are, what we stand for, why we matter and how we look, feel and sound.  

YouTube Training Videos

Titles, Descriptions and Tags
Learn how to write more effective YouTube titles and descriptions and choose the best tags for your content, including a short tutorial on using TubeBuddy. 

How to Determine if a Video Is Right for YouTube
Learn how YouTube serves up video content and how Purdue’s strategy uses these findings to create the most effective content for the channel. 

Components of a YouTube Video
Learn how to utilize thumbnails, titles, descriptions, cards, end screens, SRT files, hashtags and tags to optimize your YouTube video.  

Creating Effective Thumbnails
Learn how to create more effective YouTube thumbnails using real examples from the Purdue YouTube channel.