Photography is one of our most widely used and influential storytelling assets. Our photography style reinforces our brand strategy, portraying moments in authentic ways.

PhotoShelter Galleries

Photoshelter is Purdue Marketing and Communications’ digital asset library, providing access to the best Purdue-branded imagery. Galleries have been created for public use and for use by campus marketers.

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Photo Guidelines

By aligning our photography style and usage with the Purdue Brand Guidelines, we can create a look and feel that’s distinctly ours. Learn how to capture photos from our three photography categories: locations, portraits and moments.

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Photo Release Forms

In most cases, a release is not required for photo and video shoots on campus in a setting where consent is implied. However, if shooting in an environment where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, you should be familiar with the Release Guidelines.

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Photography Services

Brand photography services are available for the following:

  • Candid student photos, highlighting everyday moments  
  • Events and projects that would help prospective students see themselves at Purdue
  • Faculty research in action
  • Stories that drive public interest in the University
  • News media photos for students, faculty and staff
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Portrait Photography Packages

  • $35/person
  • Session will take place in studio
  • Photographer chooses the final photo
  • $65/person
  • Session takes place in studio  
  • Photographer sends contact sheet and requester selects up to two photos for editing 
  • $65/hour
  • Session takes place in studio and will be customized to requester needs   
  • Session will include one subject, multiple outfit changes, custom backgrounds and several final images   
  • The requester and photographer will work together to determine a process that fulfills the requester’s needs  
  • $65/hour
  • Session takes place in a nonstudio environment decided by the photographer and requester  
  • This package is available for one subject only  

We are no longer able to provide prints.

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Other Events 

Career fairs, headshot events, awards banquets, conferences, alumni dinners and other events will be covered ONLY if the images are needed for University-level marketing purposes or to fulfill the priorities of the institution.

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