Making the Purdue Brand work for you

Building the Purdue story.

Here, you’ll find the Marketing Communications Tools, approved assets, and resources you’ll need to create content that’s on brand, in voice, and consistently compelling.

Bringing our brand into focus.

While the Purdue brand provides the north star for all of the content we create, these Communicator Brand Tools help you bring life to our stories of the persistent pursuit of innovation.

Aligning our content, flawlessly

These Content Creation Support resources offer guidelines and toolkits to ensure that the content you create fits seamlessly into Marketing Communications’ campus-wide initiatives.

Content Creation Support

There’s a template for that

Our library of Frameworks and Templates lends the structure and guidances you need to tell the Purdue story across digital, social, print, environmental and business platforms.

Frameworks and Templates

This site provides the tools, guidance, and assets you’ll need to plan, craft, and produce your communication. If you have questions, you can reach out to our team.

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