Visual Identity

Strong first impressions and long-lasting recognitions are driven by our visual identity. These fonts and colors are the intentional, detail-driven ways we connect with audiences.


Purdue’s typography communicates clearly and cleanly, with enough flexibility in its consistent font selections for a wide range of situations and applications.

See the Brand Guidelines for more information on leading, tracking and typography, plus helpful tips and tricks.

font sample

Acumin Pro
This sans serif design works well for headlines, subheads, callouts and body copy. Use Acumin Pro, Acumin Pro SemiCondensed or Acumin Pro Condensed.

United Sans
A more rigid, collegiate look is conveyed with this display typeface, best for brief callouts, factoids, numbers and adding emphasis.

Source Serif Pro
Our designated serif family is used for small sizes and longer-form text, as well as more sophisticated applications.

Alternate System Fonts
Typefaces may not always be available depending on the digital application. If needed, use the following alternate fonts:

  • Impact in place of United Sans
  • Franklin Gothic in place of Acumin Pro
  • Georgia in place of Source Serif Pro


Color is one of the most recognizable aspects of our brand identity. At our core, we are Gold and Black, but we use a palette of cohesive colors to best express our messaging.

Primary Colors

#CFB991 Boilermaker Gold

#000000 Black

Supporting Colors

#8E6F3E Aged

#DAAA00 Rush

#DDB945 Field

#EBD99F Dust

#555960 Steel

#6F727B Cool Gray

#9D9795 Railway Gray

#C4BFC0 Steam

Download the Brand Guidelines for more information on color application, accessibility, printed and coated papers and more. 

Graphic Elements

Structured and expressive, these visual components move us to the next step of our discovery. In this way, they reflect the work we do every day. See the Brand Guidelines for information on all of our graphic elements, including border frames, vertical rules, emphasis boxes and compositional grids.  

Get Inspired

Explore the Creative Content Library to see our graphic elements and other visual brand components in action. Get inspired by the compilation of Purdue Marketing and Communications graphic elements and examples of creative.

View Creative Content Library


In the absence of imagery, color blocking can be used to convey movement when used in a diagonal swipe. Colors can be used individually or paired.

For most diagonal band applications, we recommend an angle of 77˚, which matches the incline of the italic style of Acumin Pro.

Example image

Type Offset

On oversized headlines, an outlined-type highlight can be applied. Thoughtful consideration should be given to when this is applied, especially at smaller point sizes. The highlight should never impede the legibility of the primary type. The outline thickness will be determined by the scale of the text. Generally, the line-weight will be .5 or 1.0 points.

Discover Our Brand Guidelines