Our Videos 

Some of Purdue’s most effective storytelling is done through video. This emotive medium uniquely captures our audience’s attention, builds emotional connections and actively shows the world what it means to be a Boilermaker. 

Purdue Portfolio Ads 

These centerpiece videos capture the entire Purdue portfolio of brands, showcasing how Purdue can touch every facet of an education journey. 

What Can You Imagine at Purdue?
Purdue’s Founding Mission: To Provide Opportunity for All

Small Steps

Targeting prospective students and their families, these short videos emphasize the breadth of what Purdue has to offer and allow us to leverage placements through streaming and other digital platforms. 

Small Steps Lead to Giant Leaps: Alexis Harroun 
Small Steps Lead to Giant Leaps: Hudson Tsang 

Sounds of Persistence 

This series established one-of-a-kind ads for our PSA allowance during sporting events. They are grounded in Boilermaker persistence and told through audible sounds that spark emotion and build a story of hard work. 

Aidan O’Connell: This is Persistence at Purdue University 

Mason Gillis: This is Persistence at Purdue University

Moments to Celebrate   

These timely videos were created to capitalize on a specific moment or event. Each unique to its own purpose, they demonstrate the importance of staying agile and meeting your audience where they are.  

Reasons to Believe 

These ads tout some of the most impressive accolades of Purdue. They are designed to garner respect, credibility and consideration from our audiences. 

Step Inside 

These videos showcase the breadth of opportunities for finding a community at Purdue. They invite viewers to take a step inside each student-led organization to find out how members of each group have found friends and a home at Purdue. 

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