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We celebrate the power of Purdue. And when we connect with our campus, with our community and with audiences well beyond it, the world can experience the leaps we make.

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Purdue University: Whose State? Our State. 
This is our state. At #Purdue, we never stop pushing forward, persistently pursuing the next giant leap. 

Aidan O’Connell: This is Persistence at Purdue University
From walk-on to Purdue University’s starting quarterback, Aidan O’Connell’s “whatever-it-takes” drive is grounded in early morning trainings, late nights watching film and a never-quite-satisfied desire for something greater.

Raven Colvin: This is Persistence at Purdue University
Every set, every spike, every group study session and game won at Purdue University proves Raven Colvin’s drive for success is possible thanks to her Boilermaker persistence. 

Purdue University | Reasons to Believe in The Next Giant Leap
From mankind’s first steps on the moon to the steps we are taking right now, we’re persistently pursuing the world’s next giant leap, together. 

A Boilermaker Carol | Happy Holidays from Purdue
We’re raising our song anew. Purdue University presents “A Boilermaker Carol” and wishes for a happy and warm holiday season. 



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