Purdue Global Brand Resources

The Purdue Global brand strategy celebrates the impact and captures the personality of Purdue’s online university for working adults. Here, we define what the world can expect from us and outline the building blocks of our brand.

Brand Videos

It’s time to earn your degree | Come back and move forward with Purdue Global

It’s your time. Time to move forward. Time not just to take classes but to take charge. Purdue Global is Purdue’s online university for working adults — built for people like you.

Redefine yourself with Purdue Global

Earn a Purdue Global degree you can be proud of and come back stronger. Stronger in your career, stronger for your family and stronger for yourself.

Purdue Global brand content playlist

View a collection of Purdue Global’s best branded videos and advertisements, highlighting key messages and themes from the brand.


Our logo acts as a signature, an identifier and a stamp of quality. It should always be the most consistent component in our communications. Identity assets must never be manipulated, altered or modified.

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Purdue Global PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates

These PowerPoint templates will allow you to create professional presentations that align with Purdue Global’s unified identity. Please note that these templates are formatted for Microsoft PowerPoint and should be downloaded in that file format. Branded Google Slide templates are also available in standard and landscape format. 

Download PowerPoint Templates Download Purdue Global Law School PowerPoint Templates


Create branded Purdue Global documents and letters using this template.

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Business Cards

Use the following template to download and personalize a Purdue Global-branded business card for your next networking event or conference.

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