Logos and Usage

Our logos act as signatures, identifiers and instant brand cues. Consistent, correct use of these visual components is vital to our brand and all University communications.

Downloading Logos

Instantly recognizable and uniquely Purdue, our logos and marks (including the official logo and co-brand logos) can be accessed via the buttons below.

Preventing Logo Misuses

In order to protect and promote the brand, ensure that logo usage is compliant with the sizing, spacing and formatting rules in our Brand Guidelines.

The Purdue University logo combines two key elements. The Motion P is an iconic mark representing forward motion and emotional connection. The signature wordmark takes cues from the Motion P’s bold character and uses letterforms that are balanced, angular and modern.

University Seal

The University Seal is reserved for official presidential communications, such as diplomas, stationery and signage. It may be used for high-end applications and merchandise, but only with approval from Purdue Marketing and Communications.

Purdue in Indianapolis Logo

Purdue University in Indianapolis Logo 

Purdue University in Indianapolis is an extension of our West Lafayette campus. When accompanying copy makes clear that a communication is about Purdue University in Indianapolis, the main Purdue University logo should be used. The Purdue University in Indianapolis logo should be used when space does not allow for contextualizing copy (small ads, name tags, etc.). The logo must never be manipulated, altered or modified.   

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Purdue Global Logo 

The Purdue Global logo is a powerful tool that goes beyond being just a visual element. It’s a critical part of a brand’s identity and should always be the most consistent component in our communications. Identity assets must never be manipulated, altered or modified. 

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Complying With Terms and Conditions

Purdue University is the owner of the Purdue name and logo and all other associated marks. Use of Purdue’s marks without an express license or permission is strictly prohibited. Therefore, only brands and co-brands officially sanctioned and created by Purdue Marketing and Communications, such as those to which you may gain access through this website, may be used. No Purdue mark (including any Purdue co-brand or mention of Purdue or Purdue University) may be created, modified, adapted, transformed, reworked, refashioned or changed in any other manner. Failure to comply may result in revocation of permission to use Purdue marks or co-brands as well as other sanctions imposed under authority of the Board of Trustees, and at user’s expense, to remedy the unsanctioned action or use.

Following are additional University policies and procedures managed by Purdue Marketing and Communications.

Brand Governance

Under the policy Delegation of the President’s Authority (V.B.5), administrative authority and responsibility for marketing, including brand management, are among the activities delegated to the vice president of marketing.

Purdue Marketing and Communications is the administrative unit that is tasked with the management and protection of the University’s brand as well as its federally registered and established by-use trademarks. Purdue Marketing and Communications governs brand integrity and consistency among all stakeholders through its established standards for the University brand and its related trademarks and licensing policies.


Per the Clarification of Brand Governance from Purdue President Mung Chiang, if a brand identity violation is identified, all expenditures related to the rogue material will be deducted from the unit’s next allocation. In other words, the University will not pay for violations of its brand standards, which do provide for reasonable flexibility to tailor and adapt to local uses. The unit in violation will be required to work with Purdue Marketing and Communications to determine the corrective action required, which may include redesign of print and/or electronic materials to be brand-compliant.