Why the Purdue brand matters

It’s the heart
of who we are.

The Purdue brand expresses what we stand for and why our work matters. It drives our stories and ties them together, and it’s how we reach people and move them.

It amplifies our messages.

Our brand helps every communication make a greater impact. Along with the tools, resources, and guidelines offered here, every part of Purdue has what it needs to reach — and engage with — their audiences, and make their giant leaps known.

It’s our story, well told.

The Purdue brand brings all of our stories together into one narrative. It builds on a shared past. It connects our work to this moment, and builds anticipation for what we’ll accomplish next together.

It’s our brand, in action.

Reopening safely during a pandemic. Designing a STEM high school from scratch. Driving the president to commencement on a motorized couch. The persistent pursuit of innovation takes many unexpected forms. The Purdue brand is how we show our work and tell our story to the world.

A brand is a living thing.
It’s everything we say and everything we do.

See all that went into the evolution of the Purdue brand here.


Take a closer look at the Purdue brand.

Understand the hallmarks of our voice and tone; the logic behind our strategy and messaging; as well as the details and best practices around our logo, typography, and visual elements.

This site provides the tools, guidance, and assets you’ll need to plan, craft, and produce your communication. If you have questions, you can reach out to our team.

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