The Purdue Brand

Our brand is what we stand for in the hearts and minds of the people we are trying to reach, influence and move to action.

Purdue’s brand is more than our logos, colors and marketing campaigns. It’s our essence. It’s the sum total of perceptions that people have about our institution. When strong, our brand creates a memorable, emotional connection that inspires engagement, loyalty and trust.

Recently, as our sesquicentennial celebration came to a close, the need became apparent for a comprehensive brand platform — one that did more to unite every voice, to push the University further, and to tell its story compellingly. This was our next giant leap. Through careful research and a thorough consensus-building process, Purdue has articulated its Next Giant Leap brand platform, distilled into our positioning statement and brand essence: Persistent Innovation. Together.

Purdue’s unified identity is the first major expression of our brand strategy. This robust system offers new ways to boldly communicate our mission consistently and with impact. Brand guidelines and an ever-growing suite of templates — from business cards to social media — facilitate easy adoption of our visual identity and allow our campus partners to be in character across all platforms.

This brand initiative is ongoing, and involves all members of the Purdue community. As a Purdue family that includes faculty, staff, students, alumni and other friends, we are all ambassadors and stewards of the Purdue brand. The guidelines and tools on this website are a starting point for all of us in our shared mission to maintain and evolve the Purdue brand, and we are committed to persistently pursuing the next giant leap — TOGETHER.