Why the Purdue brand matters

It’s the heart of who we are.

The Purdue brand expresses what we stand for and why we’re extraordinary. It drives our stories, and ties them together. It’s how we reach people, and move them.

 It amplifies our messages.

Our brand makes every communication more engaging. With this site and its resources, The Purdue Marketing team is here to help tell your stories of the persistent pursuit of innovation, together.

It’s your story, told well.

At its essence, the Purdue Brand exists to simplify and focus your work, making it part of a larger, more compelling story.

It’s our brand, in action.

Campus communicators are already engaging their audiences with the Purdue brand. Here’s some of the best work so far.

A brand is a living thing.
It’s everything we say and everything we do.

See all that went into the evolution of the Purdue brand here.

Purdue’s brand is more than our logos, colors and marketing campaigns. It’s our essence. It’s the sum total of perceptions that people have about our institution. When strong, our brand creates a memorable, emotional connection that inspires engagement, loyalty and trust.

We’re here for you. Bring us your next persistent pursuit of innovation, and we’ll help you share it with the world, or whoever your audience.

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