Our story is told through all of our campus partners. The Purdue brand is represented through merchandise, events and signage that follow consistent guidelines to make strong impacts.

Producing Merchandise

Learn about producing promotional items (like merchandise, name badges and apparel) and how to contact licensed vendors.

View Merchandise Guidelines
Sample merchandise
Purdue Leadership promoting and event

Promoting Events

Follow the checklist for hosting an event, from contacting key campus organizations to promoting with on-brand templates.

If you need event planning support, contact the Office of Special Events.

View Event Tips

Ordering Tablecloths

Complete the following form to order a tablecloth, directly from Xerox, featuring the Purdue signature logo and your unit’s name. 

Order Tablecloth
Purdue Table Cloth

Creating Digital Signs

Learn more about promoting engaging, cost-effective content across campus with our digital signage system.

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