Content Packages for All Purdue Communicators 

Content packages provide all the social graphics and copy suggestions for campus partners to share. Campus communicators are invited to utilize the copy as their own without any edits or can personalize for their units. In addition, by utilizing the sharing functionality within the story, Purdue Today has made it very easy to post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn without downloading the assets. Either tactic works, and we encourage you to share these stories as part of your own social calendars. Whether it’s timely or evergreen, these Boilermakerstories can be shared again and again and again as part of your marketing strategy.
“As a former campus partner, I read the weekly PCC emails and would quickly decide that the story didn’t apply to my audience because it wasn’t “engineering enough.” Now as a member of the Marcom staff, I regretfully say that I made a huge mistake. I could have easily filled my social accounts weekly with stories of Boilermakers while also sharing my own content. Our social accounts attract a wide-ranging audience – alumni, current and prospective students, Purdue faculty and staff, and even our peers/frenemies from rival universities – bringing with them all kinds of interests and hobbies. They are seeking all things Purdue and we have at our fingertips beautiful, vetted stories and the assets to share with them again and again and again.” – Teresa Walker, former communications director for the School of Engineering Education and current lead brand manager for the Purdue Department of Marketing and Communications.