Developing a Deep Understanding of Our Brand Attributes

Over the next few months we will dive into six brand attributes that help define Purdue University. Having a clear understanding of what these core brand attributes mean will allow you to deepen your understanding of the Purdue University brand. In this tip we cover safety and security.

Purdue is a stable place to set down roots and an environment where individuals can feel safe to be themselves, to learn, and to grow. Without the demand or pressure to fit a mold, Boilermakers are free to discover, express, and find their true purpose at Purdue without fear of judgment or worries about not being enough. A Purdue education paired with our incredible work-study opportunities, programs, and support sets Boilermakers on a path of success for life. The Purdue name and work ethic it stands for provides the assurance and confidence in ability that translates to safety in job security for the future.

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