LinkedIn Video and Animation Best Practices

When posting a video or animation to LinkedIn, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are posting a video directly to LinkedIn, you will also need to have a “cover image” or “thumbnail” to add to the video. The cover image is what the audience will see when first looking at the post in their feed. If the audience member does not have the auto-play video option set up on their LinkedIn account, a cover image is necessary to start the video or animation to avoid a black box being posted before the video. 

Next, it is recommended for all LinkedIn videos that you add a subtitle file for accessibility within the platform. It is important to have subtitle options for our audience to keep all channels accessible and available to any audience member who may need it. To add these things to your LinkedIn post follow the directions below

  1. Start a post on LinkedIn.
  2. Click the icon that says “Add a video.”
  3. Once you have selected your video, add the title.
  4. Below the video, you will have the option to “Upload a thumbnail.” This is how you add a cover photo to the start of your video.
  5. Below that button is an option to “Select captions.” This will be where you can add your SRT file for upload. Note: the video caption file must be an SRT file to be able to post correctly.
  6. Finally, hit “Done” and post your video!

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