Proper styling for upcoming Olympic Games

Of timely interest to our Purdue community, the Associated Press Stylebook has a reminder on the proper usage of Olympics in stories and content — just in time for the Summer Games in Paris in July. Purdue diver Maycey Vieta has already qualified in the 10-meter event, and other Boilermakers may be joining her.

According to the AP Stylebook:

  • Either the Olympics or the Olympic Games is correct as capitalized.

And here are other AP examples of proper usage on the topic:

  • There are Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics, or Summer Games and Winter Games.
  • Capitalize the Paris Games or the Paris Olympics. The 2024 Olympics or the 2024 Games.

The year always precedes the host city and Olympics:

  • 2024 Paris Olympics, 2024 Paris Games.

Always capitalize Games when it’s used interchangeably for the Olympics, even when standing alone:

  • The Games open on July 26.

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