Social Media Tip: Instagram Reels

Did you know that Instagram is starting to prioritize Instagram Reels content? Instagram Reels are fun and interactive content that consists of a short form video from 15 to 30 seconds long, similar to TikTok. When creating videos for reels make sure to create content that will resonate to your target audience. Feel free to also re-use TikTok videos as well!  

To get the most out of Instagram Reels, we recommend posting the Reel to your grid feed to increase engagement and views. While uploading your Reel you can toggle on the option to “share to feed” which will allow you to select a cover image for your video that will fit in the Instagram grid.  

Adding your Reel to the grid feed also allows the video to be easily found by your followers and is added to the Reels explore page for non-followers to find your content!  

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