Storytelling Tip

If you’ve ever searched for a recipe online, you’ve probably clicked on a webpage only to scroll through pages of unwanted narrative before landing on what you came there to find. Today’s storytelling tip suggests a strategy that is the exact opposite of that recipe writer’s tactics. 
Get to the point and do it quickly. Otherwise, you risk antagonizing — or boring — your audience. 
Ask yourself these questions before you start writing: What do your readers need to know about your subject? And what do they want to know from you? Then deliver those things without forcing them to first wade through pointless fluff. 
Of course, you can still exert some artistic license while telling a creative and engaging story. But if you overdo it, they might not stick around to learn the ingredients of your world-famous corn dip. 
Don’t take that chance. Folks need to know how to make that corn dip. 

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