Storytelling Tip: Emotive Storytelling

We believe that emotive storytelling is the most powerful way to build deep connections with our target audiences, whether they are already Boilermakers or could someday join our community.

Generally, that means creating stories, videos and social content that evoke nostalgia, respect or inspiration for our subjects — and for our university. But storytelling doesn’t always have to rely upon sentimentality to be emotive. When you’re crafting content, think about which emotions might compel your audience to care about the story you want to share. Sometimes a light touch works best. But if not humor, maybe it’s shock, sadness or even fear.

Each style requires a different approach, and each can be extremely effective in the right circumstances. No matter which approach you choose, the end goal is the same: We want the audience to remember what we create. Because if they remember it, they care about it.

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