Updated Campus Map

The Purdue campus map recently has some significant shifts in some important and long-standing building names and department locations. Most notably, what was Recitation Hall has been renamed Schleman Hall, and what was Schleman Hall is now Data Science. Also of note, the Office of Admissions is now located in Stewart Center, and the callout on the map has been moved accordingly. Other additions include the softball parking lot, renaming Kampen Gold Course to “Kampen-Cosler Golf Course” and the update to Cherry Lane to show the rerouting of the road and the addition of the roundabout and new parking lot (note that the footprint of the new clubhouse isn’t reflected on the map because ground has not yet been broken). View the most current campus map PDF to see these changes. If you see any inaccuracies on this map, feel free to reach out to Greg Simmons.

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