Unifying the Marketing of Purdue

Positioning, Promoting and Protecting the Purdue Brand.

Deep insights, a single voice, a bold and distinct look, a powerful story to tell — all aimed to advance an already iconic brand. We launched Purdue University’s evolved brand platform, “The Next Giant Leap,” in early 2020, introducing a compelling brand essence, identity and messaging that have propelled prosperity and reputation, during a pandemic and will thereafter, based on 150 years of education, research and engagement.

Purdue’s new brand is about one voice, organized and aligned around a clear and effective message.

— Mitch Daniels, President

Speaking as ‘One Purdue,’ One Voice, with Bold Look

  • Brand platform envisioned to create “One Purdue” impressions — flexible and accommodating for colleges and departments while preserving recognized brand character and equity
  • Institution-wide, unified identity including the adoption of a new signature logo containing the “Motion P” mark and a streamlined, unwavering black and gold color palette
  • Created a brand platform that can resonate with different target audiences and deliver a variety of messages, but with an identifiable, disciplined and strong look and feel across all platforms

Providing Marketing Discipline and Common Resources

A dynamic brand website —

marcom.purdue.edu — that powerfully showcases the brand and helps others do the same with success

A resource library like Purdue University has never experienced before

Professional-grade, shared resources and assets including guides, tools, templates, software, photography, and video, along with prepackaged, comprehensive content packages for easy localization and execution

A new PCC Weekly newsletter

Highlighting resources and practical ideas in digestible chunks, reaching 550+ faculty, staff and external partners

Cultivating Campus Partnerships

Forming key campus partnerships showcased how the new, unified brand platform can excite external (and internal) stakeholders, provide a more consistent experience and stimulate interest in University offerings. Partnerships across campus included:



an eight-fold increase



a nearly 400% surge

Leveraging ‘Reasons to Believe’ to Tailor Messaging and Aid Recruitment

Our greatest hits of Purdue’s national and global rankings and traditional points of pride, what we call our core “Reasons to Believe (RTBs),” provide the foundation for content packages, social campaigns and other marketing materials.

The goal for RTBs: test, understand, and then leverage best performing claims across the university and strengthen their impact by marrying them with stories that are personally applicable to target audiences, including prospective students and families, allowing them to believe in and see themselves at Purdue.

Our evolving lineup of RTBs now anchor many content packages, which we create and encourage campus partners to utilize and share as part of the Purdue story through their own channels.


Public University that Pays off the Most

CNBC 2020


Most Innovative University in America

U.S. News & World Report


Best Value School in the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education