2023 Teaching Awards  


Each year Purdue University honors members of its faculty with teaching awards. Through their persistent pursuit of excellence, this year’s honorees supported students in achieving their greatest potential with every class or lab, shaping future Boilermaker leaders and changemakers. 

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award in Memory of Charles B. Murphy  

The Charles B. Murphy Award is Purdue’s highest undergraduate teaching honor. The award recognizes up to five recipients each year as models in excellent undergraduate education. 

  • Laura Bowling 
  • Bryan Hubbard 
  • Marika Santagata 
  • Greg Strimel 
  • Michael Witt 

The Exceptional Early Career Teaching Award  

The Exceptional Early Career Teaching Award annually recognizes exceptional undergraduate faculty members with the rank of assistant professor. 

  • Swati Srivastava 
  • Jamie Woodyard 
  • Zahra Tehrani 

The Excellence in Instruction Award for Lecturers  

The Excellence in Instruction Award for Lecturers honors academic staff with the rank of Lecturer or Senior Lecturer for outstanding undergraduate teaching. 

  • Erin Ward 


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Laura Bowling  

Bryan Hubbard  

Marika Santagata  

Greg Strimel  

Michael Witt  

Swati Srivastava  

Jamie Woodyard  

Zahra Tehrani  

Erin Ward 


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Purdue Agriculture professor Laura Bowling arrived on campus in 2004 as part of then-president Martin C. Jischke’s drive to elevate the university’s standing through the recruitment of outstanding faculty. In the nearly 20 years since, Bowling has furthered this vision through her teaching, research and work as the director of Purdue’s Natural Resources and Environmental Science program.  

Now, her tireless work has earned her the Charles B. Murphy Award, Purdue’s highest undergraduate teaching honor.“Winning the Murphy Award is a way to say thank you and job well done to those people who helped to train me.” Read Bowling’s story: [LINK] 


As a professor of construction management with @techpurdue [renders as Purdue Polytechnic Institute], Bryan Hubbard sees getting students out of their comfort zones as one of his main goals. “Rather than spoon-feeding them every step, I would much rather say, ‘OK, you’ve got the tools; now let’s see what you come up with,’” Hubbard says.  

 From the classroom to study abroad programs across three continents, he’s had a lasting impact on those students. Now, they’ve recognized him with the Charles B. Murphy Award, Purdue’s highest undergraduate teaching honor. Learn more about Hubbard: [LINK] 


Purdue College of Engineering professor Marika Santagata is inspiring civil engineers to build a better world. Learn more about Santagata, a 2023 winner of the Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, the university’s highest undergraduate teaching honor: [LINK] 


“Being a teacher and a researcher here at #Purdue goes hand in hand,” says Purdue Polytechnic Institute professor Greg Strimel. “My enthusiasm for discovering new ideas is shared by, and with, the students.” 

Strimel is a 2023 recipient of the Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, the university’s highest undergraduate teaching honor. Learn more about him: [LINK] 


When a group of Michael Witt’s students suggested inviting @BoilerBall [renders as Purdue Basketball] coach Matt Painter to give a lecture, he didn’t think twice. “I will pick up the phone and call anybody and try to line up anything for my students,” says Witt, associate professor with Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies.  

 So they took their class to Mackey Arena, where they listened to Painter discuss data science and its role in recruitment, scouting and calling plays. “When you’re sitting there in that arena, it’s about as immersive as a classroom can get,” Witt says.  

 Thanks to his dynamic approach and can-do attitude, Witt won a 2023 Charles B. Murphy Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching. Read more about Witt: [LINK] 



Combining current events with free-flowing conversations, Purdue College of Liberal Arts professor Swati Srivastava offers students a classroom environment for innovative learning. 📚 

Get to know Srivastava, a 2023 winner of the Exceptional Early Career Teaching Award: [LINK] 


An instructor, a motivator and a mentor: Purdue University Department of Pharmacy Practice professor Jamie Woodyard strikes the ideal balance as she prepares the next generation of pharmacy industry leaders.  

Woodyard is a 2023 recipient of the Exceptional Early Career Teaching Award. Read more about her thoughtful approach to education: [LINK] 


As a professor with John Martinson Honors College, Zahra Tehrani has a unique challenge: delivering STEM-intensive material to students in both STEM and the humanities. “How do you explain the science and teach it in a way that doesn’t bore the students who are biology majors but also doesn’t overwhelm the students who are English majors?” 

Looking to adopt a new approach, Tehrani replaced exams with group projects and weaves in creative writing assignments, case studies, role-playing activities and opportunities for reflection. It creates an environment that’s both dynamic and supportive — and it’s earned her a 2023 Exceptional Early Career Teaching Award. Read more about Tehrani: [LINK] 



Erin Ward, a senior lecturer in Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences, considers herself a lifelong learner. That mentality informs her teaching — especially as the vast majority of her students aren’t psychology majors. 

“I don’t have access to those points of view when I’m in my own insulated psychology bubble,” Ward explains. “I am always seeing the material from fresh eyes, and I am always learning from my students.” With nearly a thousand students annually, Ward’s impact is widely felt — and appreciated. In recognition, she has won a 2023 Excellence in Instruction Award for Lecturers.   

 Read more about Ward: [LINK] 


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