2023 Tyler Trent Award


Tyler Trent united Boilermakers everywhere and inspired the nation during his courageous battle with bone cancer. In his honor, Purdue University established the Tyler Trent Courage and Resilience Award. This scholarship is awarded annually to one undergraduate student at Purdue’s West Lafayette campus who has encountered serious physical or similarly daunting adversity in their pursuit of higher education. The 2023 winner is Andrew Kinder. Toward the end of his junior year of high school, a leukemia diagnosis started him on nearly two and a half years of treatment — including oral chemotherapy throughout his freshman year at Purdue. Today, he is starting his sophomore year cancer-free in the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business.  


From diagnosis and throughout chemotherapy, Andrew’s goal remained constant: becoming a Boilermaker. Let’s rally around Andrew for our students, faculty, staff and alumni to share in his journey and celebrate all he has overcome. This story can be used throughout the 2023-24 school year. The content is a fit for campus partners seeking to share stories of persistence and student success.  

This content should be of particular interest to and used by the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business, student life-related accounts and Greek life (Andrew is in Beta Theta Pi). 


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Storytelling video: Leukemia couldn’t stop 2023 Tyler Trent Award winner Andrew Kinder 


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  1. Andrew Kinder has been playing lacrosse since second grade. Taking a hit during a game his junior year in high school was nothing new — but the pain was.

    What he feared to be a broken rib turned out to be something much worse: leukemia.

    After two years of treatment, he’s ready to take on his sophomore year at #Purdue.

    Learn more about the 2023 #TylerTrent Courage and Resilience Award winner and his remarkable journey. Check out the 🔗 in our bio to read his story. 
  1. Andrew has played lacrosse since 2nd grade. Taking a hit wasn’t new. But the pain? What he first thought was a broken rib was leukemia. After 2 years of treatment, the 2023 #TylerTrent Award winner is taking on his sophomore year at #Purdue. Here’s his story. 


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