Accept Your Offer


Students who are admitted to Purdue West Lafayette or Purdue University in Indianapolis have until June 1 to accept their offer of admission. The majority of students wait to accept their offer until the last few weeks of April, but we hope to increase the number of students accepting their offer early and to generate excitement about becoming a Boilermaker. 

This content package includes assets for each campus and is perfect for all schools and colleges as they yield students during the spring semester. It can be used until 11:59 p.m. on June 1. You can choose from social assets, the “All Hail Purdue” video and the “Accept Your Offer FAQs” video.

  • Accept Your Offer social graphics 
  • Accept Your Offer post copy 
  • Accept Your Offer animation graphics 
  • “All Hail Purdue” video 
  • “Accept Your Offer FAQs” video 


When linking to Purdue websites from social platforms or emails, it is recommended that UTM parameters be added to the URL in order to provide reporting on the activity. The Marketing and Communications campaign URL builder allows you to easily configure these links and even request shortened Purdue-branded links. 

CTA link:

UTM Campaign: AcceptYourOffer_Yield_2024 
UTM Medium: Social 
UTM Source: Facebook, Instagram, X or LinkedIn


The following assets are available for download and use.

NOTE: If InDesign files are needed for any of these assets, please complete the marketing request form on our website.



  • Keep posts short and direct 
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  • Include photos or videos 
  • Use short URLs 

Social post to accompany animation: 

Your next giant leap awaits. 💛🖤 

It’s time to accept your offer to #Purdue! 

Make it official: [LINK] 

Social post for both West Lafayette and Indianapolis campuses: 

#Boilermaker life is all yours in just one small step! Now’s the time to accept your #Purdue offer. 🚂 

Don’t wait! [LINK] 

Social post for FAQ video:  

You’re almost a #Boilermaker! Accept your offer and make it official. 

Wondering what to expect after you accept? We have a video with all the answers! 

Accept your offer: [LINK] 

Social post for “All Hail Purdue” video:  

Only one more thing to do before you can officially join the innovators. The Boilermakers. The round-the-world record breakers. 

Accept your offer to #Purdue and get ready for your next giant leap! [LINK


@lifeatpurdue on X and Instagram

@PurdueUniversity on LinkedIn and Facebook




#MySmallStep (student stories) 

#MyGiantLeap (faculty/alumni stories)