Boilermaker Super Fans Storytelling Content Package


The Boilermaker Super Fans content highlights die-hard Boiler fans to show how deep Purdue loyalty goes. The content highlights both alumni and current students, leans heavily on feelings of nostalgia and pride, and demonstrates some of the non-academic things that make Purdue, Purdue.


Marketing and Communications has worked extensively over the last two years to emphasize Purdue’s rigor, elite approach, and excellence in higher education – now it’s time for us to also show that Purdue is a fun place to be for students and a place that promotes BALANCE. Given the diversity of the features included in the stories, this content is evergreen and can be shared throughout the year to fill gaps in your content calendar or to support your larger marketing initiatives.


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UTM Campaign: Boilermaker_Super_Fan
Story Links:
Leader of the Ross-Ade Brigade
Aspiring Silver Twin Sisters
Ambulance Turned Tailgate Icon
Purdue’s No. 1 Canine Fan
A Purdue Memorabilia Buff
Video Links:
Purdue’s No. 1 Canine Fan
Aspiring Silver Twin Sisters


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Below is some suggested copy for the different Super Fans that are a part of the story.

  1. Ross-Ade Brigade – “You can expect to see Ross-Ade Brigade president Maddie Barondeau and the rest of the student cheering officers in the front row to cheer on #Purdue this weekend at homecoming. This year, the Ross-Ade Brigade has over 4,500 members, the largest membership in its history! Read more about what makes students like Maddie #Boilermakers for life [link].”
  2. Inniger Family – “With homecoming this week, the Inniger family is most excited to see the #PurdueUniversity All-American Twirling Team. One day, daughters Emily and Mary hope to twirl together as the famous Silver Twins. Read more about Purdue super fans like the Inniger family [Link].”
  3. Eibling Family – Decked out in full gold and black, the Eibling family tailgating ambulance can be found at the top of Slayter hill before every Purdue home game, rain, snow, sleet or shine. Stop by and visit the @BoilerTailgateSquad this weekend at homecoming to join them in cheering for the #Boilermakers! Read more about the origins of the tailgating ambulance, and what it takes to turn an emergency vehicle into a super fan machine [link].
  4. Delta the Dog – @_deltathegolden is one of Purdue’s biggest canine fans! She loves taking walks on campus, saying hello to every #Boilermaker she meets and showing off her handmade Purdue bandanas. 🐶 Read more about what makes Delta a true Purdue pup and what it’s like to live in a Purdue fraternity as a dog [link].
  5. Eddie Keister – For Eddie, chasing down famous Boilermakers like Drew Brees or Bob Griese for an autograph is all a part of the magic of collecting Purdue memorabilia. His favorite piece he has collected over the years is a game-used helmet from the 2001 Rose Bowl, signed by many of the Boilermakers who competed for Purdue in the game.


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