Experiential Learning Content Package


During recruitment season, MarCom is providing assets for campus partners that emphasize the hands-on, experiential aspect of the education offered at Purdue. In this package, we’re including a story featuring three current students who have all experienced incredible hands-on learning opportunities, a social media carousel that features a student’s pro tips, and several options for social graphics and social posts.


These evergreen resources can be used to emphasize Purdue’s hands-on learning environment where students “learn by doing.” From internships to study abroad trips and co-op placements across the country, these students demonstrate the variety of experiential learning opportunities that Purdue offers outside the traditional classroom.

These stories will offer prospective students a glimpse into the authentic experiences they can partake in as a Boilermaker while developing their skills, knowledge and abilities.

Resources Include

  • Student story: “Learning by doing”
  • Colin Mixon social media carousel
  • Social graphics
  • Suggested social posts

Links and UTM Parameters

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UTM Campaign: Recruitment_Experiential_Learning
UTM Medium: Social
UTM Source: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
Story Link: Learning by doing

Available Assets

The following assets are available for download and use. Social assets include 2:1 files (to use on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), 1:1 files (to use on Instagram), Instagram Stories, web banners and digital signs.

NOTE: If InDesign files are needed for any of these assets, please complete the marketing request form on our website.

Sharing Purdue.edu Articles On Social Media

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Learn more in this Squarespace article!

Additional graphics provided: 1:1 for Instagram and 9:16 for Instagram and Facebook Stories

Social Media Guidance

Posting Tips

Digital engagement is a powerful platform to share Purdue stories and posts with past, present and future Boilermakers. Here are some tips to help your posts shine.

  • Keep posts short and direct
  • Link all posts back to our landing page
  • Include photos, videos, or GIFs
  • Use short URLS

Suggested Social Media Posts

Colin Mixon:

#Boilermaker Colin Mixon graduated in May and immediately started full time at Microsoft. He credits a hands-on, highly connected Purdue education. Check out his four tips for new students on how to find the best hands-on opportunities at #Purdue.

Experiential full story:

IG,FB,LI: Why are #Boilermakers so competitive in the job market after graduation? One of the reasons is the experiential-learning opportunities.

Nick, Pooja and Alexia encountered their fields of choice differently, but they all agree they couldn’t have gotten the hands-on experiences they’ve had anywhere but Purdue. Read their stories:

TW: Experience is the best teacher, and these #Boilermakers are sharing their stories. Nick, Pooja and Alexia encountered their interests differently, but they agree — they couldn’t have had these experiences anywhere but #Purdue. Read their stories:

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