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In recognition of how connected Gen Z is to their Gen X parents, and how profoundly influential family is to them in their college decision process, we’ve created some content for parents only. These assets aim to serve as a resource for parents, answer their questions and drive them to encourage an official commitment to Purdue.


These evergreen resources can be used to demonstrate that the college decision process is a family decision. To provide tips for parents from parents, these stories emphasize that family members play an invaluable role as a support system during this important time. 


  • Story featuring Aryana Lynch
  • Video interview with current Purdue parents — “Purdue Parents Talk College Choices”


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Aryana Lynch story

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

#Purdue engineering freshman and billiards champion Aryana Lynch says her parents taught her to dream big. Hear Aryana talk about the vital role they played in her college search.

Purdue Parents Talk College Choices

Social cut #1: Parent advice

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

This one’s for you, parents — the college search process is a big deal and Purdue parents are here to help. These families of current students have some advice about the decision process that you won’t want to miss. Watch the video now.

Social cut #2: Visit

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Thinking about your student’s college decision? Help is on the way! Parents of current #Purdue students have been where you are. In this video, they talk about campus visits, the role they play in the decision, and the questions *everyone* needs to know. Watch the video now.


Stressed about your student’s college decision? Help is on the way! Parents of current #Purdue students have been where you are. In this video, they talk about campus visits and much more. Watch the video and hear it all from parents like you.


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