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Logan Noster (BSMDE ‘22), a recent College of Engineering graduate, was born with a birth defect. His quality of life and recovery was greatly impacted by a biomedical innovation developed by Purdue researchers from the same undergraduate degree program from which he graduated. Logan met Purdue alumnus Umesh Patel, one of the developers of the technology, in February 2022. Noster and Patel had no idea their connection existed when they first met before a multidisciplinary engineering awards banquet. During a conversation with a group of student awardees, Patel – the president of Cook Biotech who would be recognized that evening as an outstanding Purdue alumnus – described Cook’s small intestinal submucosa (SIS) technology that he helped introduce in the 1990s. Little did Patel know that as an infant, Noster underwent surgery to repair a rare medical condition where doctors used SIS grafts to help his body heal. That night at the banquet, Patel and his Cook colleagues were able to meet Noster’s family and hear firsthand how their product aided Logan’s recovery. It was an interaction that none of them will soon forget. 


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Umesh Patel rarely meets patients who benefited from the SIS technology he helped introduce in the 1990s. He never expected to meet one like fellow @PurdueEngineers alumnus Logan Noster. Learn about their chance encounter. 

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Cook Biotech President Umesh Patel (BSIDE ’86, MSEE ’88, PhD IE ‘95) rarely gets to meet patients who have benefited from the SIS technology that he helped create in the 1990s as a @PurdueEngineering graduate student. He never expected to meet one like fellow #Boilermaker Logan Noster (BSMDE ’22). Learn about their chance encounter. 

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