Purdue Renames Residence Halls for Parker Sisters


At its June meeting, the Purdue Board of Trustees approved a request from Provost Jay Akridge to rename the Griffin Residence Halls after sisters Frieda and Winifred Parker, whose family led the campaign that compelled Purdue to integrate its student housing in the 1940s. The Parker Residence Halls are the first buildings on campus to be named for Black alumnae.

After enrolling in fall 1946, the Parker sisters were admitted into the Bunker Hill residences in January 1947. The current residence halls that will be renamed in their honor are adjacent to the Black Cultural Center and just down the block from Bunker Hill’s former location at the corner of Third Street and Martin Jischke Drive.

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  • Family photos of Parker sisters
  • Images of Parker sisters and Bunker Hill residents from Purdue “Debris” Yearbook
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  1. Documentary about the Parker Sisters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_S3RrbFgRuA
  2. Clip from “Black Purdue” documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST_Qm-CPrbo

Links to the stories:

  1. https://www.purdue.edu/newsroom/stories/2021/stories-at-purdue/courageous-parker-sisters-were-boilermakers-in-every-sense.html
  2. https://www.purdue.edu/newsroom/stories/2021/stories-at-purdue/an-american-legacy-with-boilermaker-roots.html


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Documentary Video:

When Frieda and Winifred Parker enrolled at Purdue in 1946, they could not live on campus. The two sisters and their family led the successful campaign to integrate university housing. In October, Purdue held a dedication ceremony for the newly-named Frieda and Winifred Parker Residence Halls to honor their commitment to the fight for equity and access in education. Watch the documentary about the Parker sisters’ story and the Parker Halls dedication here: <link to documentary>

“When you are in the classroom learning together, it goes beyond your skin color. When you walk out of that room after taking the same exam, you realize that you are equals. You can learn and develop together. You can’t let anybody ever take that away from you.” Meet the Parker Sisters: <link to documentary>

In fall of 1946, #Boilermakers Frieda & Winifred Parker led the campaign that compelled #Purdue to integrate its student housing. In June 2021, the Purdue Board of Trustees formally celebrated the sisters’ legacy by renaming residence halls in their honor — Frieda Parker Hall and Winifred Parker Hall. Learn about Frieda and Winifred’s story with this segment from “Black Purdue.” <YouTube link>.

Feature stories:

Pioneers in their own way. Boilermakers in every way. In October, hundreds gathered for the dedication of Winifred Parker and Frieda Parker Halls, which stand in honor of the two sisters who led the successful effort to integrate student housing on Purdue’s campus in 1946. <link to story>

“Those were not easy days, lots of challenges, but they were the right women to do it.” In 1946, #Boilermakers Frieda & Winifred Parker led the effort to integrate student housing. Learn how their legacy continues to create change today. <link to story>

Frieda and Winifred Parker are forever linked to #Purdue’s history. When the University integrated student housing in 1947, the Parker sisters were the first Black women to move into the Bunker Hill residence halls. <link to story>

Learn more about Frieda and Winifred Parker, their fight for equity, and their place in Purdue history, now celebrated with Frieda Parker Hall and Winifred Parker Hall — residence halls named in their honor. <link to story>


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