Purdue University in Indianapolis brand assets


Now that the brand suite for Purdue University in Indianapolis has been completed, we want our campus partners in the College of Engineering, College of Science and Polytechnic Institute to have easy access to these assets while working on communications regarding our urban campus.


  • Photography
  • Videos
  • John Waggle story 
  • Suggested social copy 


When linking to Purdue websites from social platforms or emails, it is recommended that UTM parameters be added to the URL in order to provide reporting on the activity. The Purdue Marketing and Communications campaign URL builder allows you to easily configure these links and even request shortened Purdue-branded links.  

UTM Campaign: Purdue_Indy 

UTM Medium: social 

UTM Source: Facebook, Instagram, X or LinkedIn


The following assets are available for download and use. 

NOTE: If InDesign files are needed for any of these assets, please complete the marketing request form.



  • Keep posts short and direct.
  • Link all posts back to the story.
  • Include photos or videos.
  • Use short URLs.


“Day in the Life” student videos
Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn

Carys George

Storytelling, technology, design and … dinosaurs?

Carys George, a Purdue student in Indianapolis who’s studying themed-entertainment design, will tell you all about it. #PurdueIndianapolis

Watch now.

Reed England

Did you know that Purdue University in Indianapolis has the country’s only ABET-accredited undergraduate motorsports engineering program?

It’s one of the many reasons Reed England decided to become a #Boilermaker. #PurdueIndianapolis

Nikhil Anand Dhoka

Nikhil Anand Dhoka, a #Purdue computer science and mathematics student in Indianapolis, is set up for success at the intersection of technology and finance.

Learn more about his plan. #PurdueIndianapolis

Brian Cheong

See what your schedule would look like as a Purdue computer engineering student in Indianapolis!

Boilermaker Brian Cheong is walking us through a day in his life. #PurdueIndianapolis

Ishita Sameer Bhedi

Ishita Sameer Bhedi is making the most of her time as a #Purdue biomedical engineering student in Indianapolis.

Find out how she’s gotten involved in community volunteering, campus organizations and an amazing internship along the way. #PurdueIndianapolis

Purdue University in Indianapolis brand vision video
Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn

Do you know about #Purdue’s next giant leap? 

Purdue University in Indianapolis — new in 2024 — is Purdue’s first comprehensive urban campus, expanding the university’s renowned innovation and excellence to Indiana’s capital city.  

Watch to learn more.

John Waggle story
Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn

How did you fill your days during COVID?  

John Waggle, a Purdue student in Indianapolis, worked math problems like it was his job. Seven hours a day, seven days a week.  

Learn how his hard work paid off.