Putting PPHS first grads in the spotlight

When PPHS opened its doors four years ago, this day was inevitable but no less hard to imagine. In June 2021, when the first PPHS graduating class collected their diplomas, it was a moment to be recognized and celebrated.

PPHS offers tuition-free, authentic, STEM-focused experiences that prepare high school students for a successful future, including creating an inclusive pipeline of undergraduates from Indianapolis to Purdue.

These experiences include internships, industry projects, dual-credit courses and technical certifications. The inaugural graduating class did not disappoint. We were honored to tell these student stories: of finding and forging identities; discovering new interests and passions; and playing an essential role reinventing the high school experience. Every graduate, an inspiring individual and a potential Boilermaker.

These profiles of passion and persistence were met with the attention these extraordinary young people deserve. In all, six students were featured, and along with the Firsts overview video, a podcast, external media coverage, and day of event and event recap coverage , the PPHS story earned significant and widespread engagement.


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Take a closer look at the PPHS graduation story, meet these inspiring students, and share in their first giant leaps.

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