Protecting Purdue During the Pandemic

Heading into early 2020, Purdue Marketing Communications was focused on the roll out of the new university brand. But like so many other plans, the emergence of the novel coronavirus, those plans changed dramatically.

The new challenge: Protecting Purdue.

University leadership made a bold commitment to fully open during the pandemic, and we shifted gears to develop a comprehensive public health awareness push in support of it. The resulting campaign was built around the Protect Purdue Pledge. Together, we would build good habits and take responsible action to ensure the health and safety of all Boilermakers.

The Protect Purdue Pledge was shared and supported across every platform and in ways big and small; personal and public; and internally and externally. We maintained a constant pipeline for information and updates and distributed over 55,000 wellness kits.

But one measure says everything about the success of the Protect Purdue campaign: the university was able to reopen and stay open because Boilermakers fulfilled their pledge to Protect Purdue.


we launched

a dedicated Protect Purdue website to inform, educate and solicit feedback. Its reach was impressive:


unique visitors


web sessions since website launch


clicks to FAQs

we sustained

a steady engagement over social media through:


posts using the hashtag #ProtectPurdue


Protect Purdue posts have generated 10.3 million impressions


videos created in support of Protect Purdue since July

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