What is a brand?

Our brand is an enduring platform that articulates the Purdue story — our unique point of view and the experience we create.

Our brand draws strength from 150 years of education, research and engagement. We’re propelling the world forward through continued discovery and innovation, inclusive collaboration, and a culture of persistence that leaves nothing undone.

This is what’s next — the next giant leap as a leading research university. With our vision fixed on building a better world, our brand inspires us and holds us accountable, fueling our pursuit of the solutions to the toughest challenges of our time.

Why is a brand important?

As humans, we form opinions very quickly — and they lend heavy influence to the decisions we make. That’s why it is critical to have positive and meaningful interactions with people as often as possible.

Our brand helps us form an emotional connection from the very first interaction, whatever that may be:

  • A billboard on I-65
  • Our website and social media channels
  • A grant proposal
  • A parent and student on a campus tour
  • Alumni and fans attending an athletic event

These interactions accumulate and shape the opinions of those we serve.

This document is designed to help you make decisions in support of our story. It reflects the deliberate process that went into defining our brand, and offers guidance for making it work. There’s a deep rationale for everything included — every visual and verbal decision. The elements in this document work together to ensure that every interaction is grounded in the reason we’re all here — the persistent pursuit of the next giant leap.