Because our visual identity represents the University at the very highest level, it’s vital to our brand. These logos act as a signature, an identifier and a stamp of quality. And they should always be the most consistent component in our communications.

The use of secondary logos, graphics, and taglines is no longer permissible.

Our New Logo

The Purdue University logo is the clearest depiction of our unified Purdue brand, both visually and verbally. We’ve merged the universally recognized Motion P mark with a redesigned University signature, creating a new logo for the academic institution as a whole.

Purdue Signature Logo

Motion P

The iconic mark is unchanged, retaining the attributes of:

  • Forward motion
  • National recognition
  • Enthusiastic public usage
  • Emotional connection

New Signature Wordmark

Drawing on characteristics of the previous design, the new signature takes cues from the Motion P’s bold character to achieve a sophisticated and modern wordmark. Its design includes these attributes:

  • Contemporary, slab-serif letterforms
  • Boxy, curved transitions
  • Angular details
  • Balanced weight of letterforms 

Identity Assets

The Purdue University academic brand uses several important logos and marks. Each has a specific role in representing the University. 

Identity assets must not be manipulated, altered or modified for use by other entities.

University Logo (Horizontal)

This version sets the Motion P and the Purdue University wordmark together in a single line. This is the most common configuration used to identify the brand.

Purdue Signature Logo Horizontal

University Logo (Stacked)

The stacked version sets the Motion P atop the wordmark. This more compact configuration may provide more flexibility in placement and scale.

Signature Mark and Co-Brand Logos

To qualify for an official co-brand, your area must meet the following criteria:

  • Top level colleges and administrative units
  • One level down

To access the Signature Mark or your official co-brand, complete the request formPlease note that these files are only available to users with a university email address.

These area do NOT qualify for a co-brand:

  • Specific programs/majors
  • Support services that live within a college/unit, these entities should use their college/department co-brand

Secondary imprint areas should be utilized if you wish to include an admin area as part of an apparel order.

  • Example: Honors College co-brand on left side chest
  • Information Technology in type on sleeve or yoke

University Seal

The seal is reserved for official, presidential communications, such as diplomas, stationery and signage. It may be used for high-end applications and merchandise, but only with approval from the Office of Marketing and Media.

Purdue Seal


The Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for approving any and all usage of University trademarks in promotional instances and must be consulted prior to ordering any materials. Contact them at: purduebrand@purdue.edu.

Logo Usage

The color of the background will determine which version of the logo to use. Plan your layouts to accommodate using the preferred option. One-color versions of our identity should be used sparingly: only when printing restrictions demand it. Use only the approved logo options shown here. 


The inner rule of the single-color Motion P mark (black and white versions) is a knockout.  Therefore, any color or photo underneath the logo artwork will be visible.

Proper Sizes

To aid consistency, we’ve provided a recommended size for reproducing the University logo. While the media or layout often dictates the proper size for the logo, it’s best for similar collateral or series of collateral to have a consistent logo size. 

To maintain good legibility, never reproduce the logos smaller than shown here, for print or screen. There is no maximum size limit, but use discretion when sizing the logo. It should never be the most dominant element on the page, but instead should live comfortably and clearly as an identifying mark.

Recommended Sizes

Purdue Signature Logo Horizontal
2.5 inches (180 pixels)
Purdue Signature Logo Stacked
1.5 inches (110 pixels)

Minimum Sizes

Purdue Signature Logo Horizontal
1.75 inches (125 pixels)
Purdue Signature Logo Stacked
1.25 inches (90 pixels)

Clear Space

To achieve maximum impact and legibility, clear space must be maintained around the logo. The logo may be placed onto images, but no other graphic elements, typography, rules or images should appear inside this clear space.

Use the height of the Motion P as a measuring tool to help maintain the proper clearance.

Use the height of Motion P to maintain clear space around the logo.

Digital Space

In order to accommodate display of the signature mark on small screens, the spacing for the mark is reduced to the same size as the “U” in Purdue.

Logo Misuses

Here are a few practices to avoid in using the Purdue identity. Adhering to these rules will ensure that our logo is recognizable to all audiences. 

University Seal

Our seal is an important part of our University heritage. It is used only on official University documents such as diplomas, letters of acceptance, and communication from the Board of Trustees and the president.

The University seal should never be locked up with the wordmark and should not be modified in any way.

The versions of the seal on this page are the only versions permitted.


Black version of university seal

Color Options

Tints version of university seal
Tints (Use-Specific)
Pantone 7502 on Black University seal
Pantone 7502 on Black
Badge Encloser University seal
Badge Encloser
White University seal

Minimum Size

Never reproduce the seal smaller than .75 inch for print. There is no maximum size limit. Use your best judgment on other screen applications.

Minimum size of seal is 0.75 inches

Clear Space

Whenever possible, allow more than 1/4 the diameter clear space to surround the seal. Do not place other graphics or typography in the minimum clear space area.

Space to surround the seal

Approvals for Logos and Marks

To use any of Purdue’s brand marks and logos, please contact the Marketing and Communications for review and approval. The office can provide specific guidance on incorporating brand assets or usage recommendations.