Purdue Brand Guides

The following Purdue brand guides are designed to provide everything you need to tell Purdue’s best stories with consistency and impact. 

Purdue University Brand Guidelines

This comprehensive guide provides overall guidance for Purdue’s main brand. It includes strategy, messaging, voice and tone, colors, fonts, photography and more to ensure a consistent and powerful brand presence.

Purdue Global Brand Guidelines

Explore the distinctive look and feel of Purdue Global with this guide. It covers strategy, voice and tone, and visual language, ensuring Purdue Global’s unique identity is communicated effectively. 

Purdue Computes Guide

Learn how to use visual language to consistently communicate about the Purdue Computes key presidential initiative. This guide explains how to maintain a cohesive message without creating a logo or co-brand.

Purdue Polytechnic High Schools Brand Guide

This guide provides essential information for using Purdue Polytechnic High Schools’ distinct brand identity. It supports the mission and goals of PPHS by ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence.