Social Media Guidelines

Digital engagement is a powerful platform to share Purdue stories with past, present and future Boilermakers. Here are some tips to help your stories shine.


Profile templates


  • Keep posts short and direct 
  • Include photos, videos, or GIFs 
  • Use bitly or rebrandly to shorten URLS 
  • Post and moderate daily 


When possible, try to add hashtags to amplify your content even further! 
#MySmallStep = Student stories  

#MyGiantLeap = Faculty/Alumni stories 

#PurdueUniversity, #Purdue, #BoilerUp, #Boilermakers 


HOW TO USE #MySmallStep and #MyGiantLeap

SAMPLE: My small step in _______ at Purdue will help me achieve my Giant leap of _______. #MySmallStep    What small step will you take to lead you to your goals and ambitions?

SAMPLE: Professor Haley Oliver’s giant leap is becoming a leader in global food safety. Learn more about the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Safety and Professor Oliver’s giant leap. #MyGiantLeap         

SAMPLE: Scientists at Purdue University created A dumbbell-shaped nanoparticle, which revolves at 300 billion revolutions per minute. Or, put another way, half a million times faster than a dentist’s drill! #TheNextGiantLeap     


Whatever content you have—cut it in half and cut it in half again! Less is more with social media post copy. 

Consider starting your post by asking a question to draw in your audience. 

Here are some specific tips by channel to refine your copy further. 



  • Audience(s): Parents, Alumni and General Public 
  • Tagging: Always tag as many elements as possible—as well as Purdue departments. 
  • Posts: Once per day  
  • Content: Stories about research initiatives, celebrations/milestones, current student profiles and alumni profiles. Photos and video. 
  • Hashtags: #PurdueUniversity, #Purdue #BoilerUp, #Boilermakers, #TheNextGiantLeap 


  • Audience(s): Current students, Prospective Students, Alumni and General Public 
  • Tagging: Always tag as many elements as possible—as well as Purdue departments. 
  • Posts: Once per day and at least 3 story elements/day. It is important to lead with strong photography and less text on Instagram. Consider incorporating a carousel post to lead with a photo and then a graphic with text, if needed. 
  • Hashtags: #MySmallStep, #MyGiantLeap, #PurdueUniversity, #Purdue, #BoilerUp, #Boilermakers, #TheNextGiantLeap 
  • Content: Events, students, student life, celebrations, milestones. Should serve as a high-quality photo gallery to showcase your organization. 
  • Other Ideas: Use so every photo can be linked from the profile URL. See the Purdue University Instagram page for an example. 


  • Audience(s): Students, Alumni, General Public 
  • Tagging: Always tag as many elements as possible—as well as Purdue departments.  
  • Hashtags: #MySmallStep, #MyGiantLeap, #PurdueUniversity, #Purdue, #BoilerUp, #Boilermakers, #TheNextGiantLeap 
  • Content: Tweet and Retweet about campus events, research initiatives and fun facts about Purdue.  


  • Audience(s): Students, Young Alumni (job seekers), Alumni (recruiters looking for young alumni), Business Professionals 
  • Tagging: Always tag as many elements as possible, including Purdue departments. 
  • Hashtags: #MySmallStep, #MyGiantLeap, #PurdueUniversity, #Purdue, #BoilerUp, #Boilermakers, #TheNextGiantLeap 
  • Content: Innovation—partnerships, research, student profiles, alumni profiles and professor profiles. 


  • Join in the conversation on Purdue Teams Channel 
  • Look over for the most up-to-date information 
  • Always use a departmental email to set up a new Purdue social media account 
  • Make sure that at least 2 employees have admin access to social media accounts 
  • Use LastPass to securely keep track of all passwords 
  • Use a platform such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Later to schedule and engage in conversations.  


  • GOOGLE SHEETS: Here’s a content calendar planning template that you can use to get started. 
  • AIRTABLE: This is a free resource if you’re looking to up your content calendar game!