Building on a legacy through Purdue barns

These Boilermaker barns showcase immense pride and honor their ties to Purdue and Indiana.

True Boilermaker Fans 

As we approached the idea of telling “Purdue Pride” stories, the idea of Purdue barns was discussed as a worthwhile topic to explore since we knew of a few existing structures that had ties to Purdue or that were well-known in the surrounding areas. The goal was to show that Boilermaker pride runs so deep that some families want to display it on their properties/barns for others to enjoy as well. It also served as an opportunity to share the stories of these families and their farms as something that not only Purdue alumni could relate to, but also all of Indiana with our state’s ties to farming and agriculture.  


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The Purdue Barn Stories

All 3 stories allowed us to tell unique perspectives of how the Purdue-inspired structures came about, along with a heartfelt warmth to each family and their personal journeys.  

Smith Family Farms is over 100 years old and is an eight-generation family farm owned by Purdue alumni. The farm is used for educational purposes and hosts thousands of kids from urban and rural environments.  

The Foster family opened up a “Mini-Mackey” barn that serves as a multifunctional basketball facility and an AirBNB. It features old Purdue athletic signs, memorabilia and the “Mackey Arena” sign that was used outside of Purdue’s basketball arena before renovations.  

The Rietz family is full of Purdue graduates and has 13 acres of farmland that have been in the family for over 100 years. They wanted to show their Purdue pride by having a giant motion P on the side of their barn.  

Purdue Pride Always Wins 

We were surprised by the success of the Purdue barns stories. The family-centered storytelling played a large part in the success and relatability of the content, supported by the Purdue pride aspect — an element that the majority of our readers relate to. Excellent and beautiful photography also played a huge part in bringing this story to life. We learned that there is definitely a market in our content calendar for Purdue pride content, inspiring us to investigate other topics in this category. 


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