Cluster hire diversity initiative

Purdue University launched one of the largest faculty hiring initiatives in its history as a key part of an Equity Task Force effort to diversify the racial makeup of its faculty, staff and students.

A universitywide diversity initiative 

As part of a $75 million effort, Purdue’s Equity Task Force aimed to hire 40 full-time faculty over five years across several academic clusters. As of Fall 2023, Purdue University has hired 11 faculty members in Health and Human Sciences, Pharmacy, and Libraries and Information Sciences. 

With these first faculty hires underway, it was time to tell the world about the tremendous research being done by these diversity experts. 


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Telling a broad range of stories 

Each of the new hires came with a unique story about their experiences and research. We created one holistic story to collectively showcase the faces of these new Purdue faculty.  

We conducted video interviews with the 11 faculty members over the course of two days. We were able to learn about the individual experiences that led each of the faculty members to choose their areas of interest and research expertise. The areas of research spanned from food insecurities to redefining the role of a pharmacist to understanding how Black families address health disparities. Each faculty member was then featured individually with a short story, a one-minute video and a feature page on “The Persistent Pursuit” website. 

We then worked with Strategic Communications, campus partners in related departments and schools, and media outlets to feature them as experts in their fields. 

A photo shoot that set the tone 

The essence of the campaign came to life with a photo shoot we staged in Elliott Hall of Music. We designed it to be moody and more formal than our average photos. This approach allowed us to show the true power of opportunity for this group of 11 new Boilermakers. 


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