Couch Cart

Some leaps are more unconventional than others. Just ask Couch Cart creators Ethan Cox and Nathan Peercy, and the West Lafayette law enforcement officer who pulled over their creation.

Chronicling the Couch Cart’s Commencement Cruise 

News of the not-entirely street legal vehicle’s adventures quickly spread across campus, and most notably, to the Office of the President. 

A full video shoot took place on and above campus. In it, we see the Couch Cart being (piloted by one of its creators), picking up a special guest passenger (University President Mitch Daniels) in need of a ride to a high-profile engagement (the Spring 2021 Commencement ceremony).  

The three-minute video, titled One Last Ride, was an instant hit. It was by far the most popular video shared across Purdue social media platforms for May 2021. 


53,451 engagements
206,139video views across all channels
President Mitch Daniels climbs into the Couch Cart, wearing a black cap and gown. He is joined by a student wearing a black cap and gown.

Media Coverage of the Couch Cart 

President Daniel’s Couch Cart journey attracted its share of media attention. 
Here’s a sample of the coverage: 

The couch cart can be seen driving down a sidewalk on campus.

Sharing the Love for the Couch Cart 

Learn more about the Couch Cart and its maiden voyage to Purdue’s Spring 2021 Commencement. 


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