Purdue BSIM

One of the Krannert School of Management most respected programs had a perception problem: after years of achievements and accolades, the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management (BSIM) was struggling with its enrollment goals.

Refocusing and Recasting an Essential Program

Purdue Marketing and Communications partnered with Krannert to help this vital program find and connect with its audience. 

Together, we conducted 1:1 interviews, focus groups and peer audits with students, advisors, recruiters, alumni and corporate partners.  We uncovered misperceptions among prospective students, missed opportunities to champion the program from within and a general uncertainty about how to express the program’s offerings to employers. Ultimately, our research contributed to a name change and supported curriculum updates that strengthened the program and its offer. 


324 Applications
183 Admits
400%Increase in admitted students
A booklet for the Integrated Business and Engineering degree is shown.

A New Name and Focus 

Renamed the Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE), the reimagined program is structured as an exclusive 50 student cohort emphasizing hybrid education, including labs in both Business and Engineering. Further, the IBE program now has a full-time faculty member serving as the program’s “internal champion.” 

Four students wearing business attire and cloth face masks hold up black t-shirts that say “Integrated Business & Engineering,” followed by the Purdue University logo.

Continuing the Work 

See the video ad for the program and check out what the program has been working on since.  


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