Putting Purdue at the top of the podcast playlist

When Purdue University President Mitch Daniels guided the decision to fully open in the darkest days of the global pandemic, it drew global attention and inspired powerful conversation. A year after, a follow-up with Daniels gave Purdue’s fledgling podcast a major boost.

With its January 2020 debut, This is Purdue could not have picked a more consequential moment to establish itself. As the official Purdue podcast, it persisted in profiling the people and chronicling the impact of the university. Then the June 9th, 2021 episode, featuring President Daniels, put the podcast on the map.

The episode, titled President Mitch Daniels on Leading Purdue Through a Pandemic saw a 60% jump in downloads from the previous month, with a nearly 75% increase in unique listeners. Precisely the benchmark a podcast needs to meet to begin making sustained growth and expanding its reach. A measure This is Purdue is pursuing with vigor. 

Discover and share this milestone episode of This is Purdue and catch up with the full run and new episodes in the archives.

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