Whatever I Want

As we continue to add to our national commercial portfolio, “Whatever I Want” continues the story of the “What Can You Imagine at Purdue?” video, which, at the time of release, was Purdue’s most viewed video of all time. The new commercial debuted during the 2023 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in eight markets across the U.S.

A Continuation of an Inspiring Story

As a national awareness play, the goal of this spot is to capitalize on Purdue’s most successful YouTube video of all time, “What Can You Imagine at Purdue?” We wanted to continue the story to demonstrate the possibilities of what comes after a Purdue education for Boilermakers around the world.

We wanted to show a recent graduate’s story representing our core value proposition: Purdue delivers practical solutions to today’s toughest challenges so we can build a better world together. Our protagonist, Imani, shows how Purdue serves as a springboard to the world, demonstrating that anyone, if they persist and work hard enough, can truly do “whatever I want.”


4.8MViewsAs of January 2024
69%View RateAverage of 1:38 minutes viewed of 2:00 total
305,256Social Media ImpressionsAs of January 2024
Purdue University standing within the Utah Salt Flats holding a helmet.

Real-World Inspiration

The team took inspiration from real Purdue student experiences (e.g. semiconductor work, Boilers in D.C. and Salt Flats motorcycle speed trials) to showcase a range of opportunities that students have in the real world after graduating from Purdue.

To show our main character thriving, both personally and professionally, in different settings, we traveled to six U.S. cities, including:

  • West Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue campus
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: Indiana Statehouse (representing Washington, D.C., in the video)
  • Tooele County, Utah: Bonneville Salt Flats
  • Santa Monica, California: Topanga State Park
  • Los Angeles, California: Original Farmers Market and Mount Wilson Observatory
  • Malibu, California: Westward Beach

Desired Takeaways

Ultimately, we wanted audiences to walk away from this video with the understanding that with a Purdue degree, you can make an impact through both small steps and giant leaps anywhere in the world. Not every Boilermaker will walk on the moon, but the story of persisting to achieve a goal is one that resonates with all Boilermakers.

Purdue University student standing at a podeum.


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