Campus Landmarks and Public Art

This resource is a supplement to the Purdue University campus map and the Editorial Style Guide, for use by Purdue communicators. It lists commonly referred to campus landmarks and public art, providing proper names when available along with links to background information, notes on copyediting style and preferred second references when applicable.  

For building and street names, see the Purdue campus map

Campus markers with no formal names 

  • Marker honoring Barbara Cook, former dean of students. Located on Northwestern Avenue by Stadium Mall. Background information 
  • Marker honoring Betty Nelson, former dean of students. Located on Grant Street by Northwestern Avenue. Background information 
  • Markers honoring Beverley Stone, former dean of students. Informally known as “Stone’s stones,” which consist of two limestone slabs located in the Purdue Memorial Union: one on the ground floor at the bottom of the Great Hall stairwell, and one at the west tower stairs. The markers were originally part of an L-shaped monument to Beverley Stone at the corner of State and Grant streets.

Sculptures with no formal name 

  • Sculpture honoring Purdue female leaders Linda Hurd Ewing, Sandra Kay Monroe and Betty Mitchell Nelson. Located at Third Street and Martin Jischke Drive. Background information 

Statues with no formal name