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Social media is a powerful platform on which to share Purdue stories and engage with past, present and future Boilermakers.

Social Media Guidelines

Here are some tips to help your stories shine.

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Posting Tips

  • Keep posts short and direct.
  • Include photos, videos or GIFs.
  • Use Bitly or Rebrandly to shorten URLs.
  • Post and moderate daily.
  • Whatever content you have, cut it in half and cut it in half again! Less is more with social media post copy. 
  • Consider starting your post by asking a question to draw in your audience. 
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Digital Engagement

This guide covers all things digital engagement, including social media best practices, social graphic sizes and resolutions and more.

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Campuswide Hashtags

When possible, add hashtags to amplify your content even further.

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#MySmallStep = Student stories
#MyGiantLeap = Faculty/alumni stories 

How to Use #MySmallStep and #MyGiantLeap

SAMPLE: My small step in _______ at Purdue will help me achieve my giant leap of _______. #MySmallStep What small step will you take to lead you to your goals and ambitions?

SAMPLE: Professor Haley Oliver’s giant leap is becoming a leader in global food safety. Learn more about the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Safety and Professor Oliver’s giant leap. #MyGiantLeap    

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Managing a Social Account

  • Join in the conversation on the Purdue Communicators Council Teams channel.
  • Look over the Purdue Brand Guidelines for the most up-to-date information on branding.
  • Always use a departmental email to set up a new Purdue social media account.
  • Make sure that at least two employees have admin access to social media accounts.
  • Use LastPass to securely keep track of all passwords 
  • Use a platform such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Later to schedule and engage in conversations.  

How to Stay Organized

  • Google sheets: Here’s a content calendar planning template that you can use to get started. 
  • Airtable: This is a free resource if you’re looking to up your content calendar game!
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