Email Signatures

This quick and easy tool allows users to promote Purdue and reinforce its unified identity every time they send an email.


  1. Fill in the form fields that you’d like to include in your signature. A preview of your signature will be built as you type.

  2. Select the format option you’d like to use. The signature content will be highlighted.

  3. Copy the signature that was just highlighted:

    Windows: Press Ctrl+C
    Mac: Press ⌘+C
    Or in your browser: Click Edit in the toolbar, then Copy

  4. Paste it into your email program of choice.

Personal Information


Contact Information

Additional Details

Extended Option

Compact Option

Re-Select Signature Text

Formatting may be lost when pasting into Microsoft Outlook client. If format looks incorrect, hover your cursor around the bottom-right corner of the signature to activate Paste Options. Click the dropdown arrow and select Keep Source Formatting.

Client-specific Instructions


  1. Why is there not a field to enter an email address?
    Your email address is already provided to the recipient by the fact they received the message, so it allows for space within the signature to include additional personal information (e.g. pronouns, strengths, social media links)