Our Work

As students, we know exactly the messaging other students want and need to hear. Our work is dedicated to developing strategic marketing plans and creative content for students to relate to, enjoy and embrace. We hope to strengthen the unified Purdue brand for students and campus partners across the university.

Become A Boilermaker

We wanted to help showcase the small steps current students have taken on campus and the possibilities future students can be a part of with the Become a Boilermaker Campaign. Showcasing the persistent pursuit of the next giant leap of others will help pave the way for the development of small steps from future Boilermakers. Through spotlighting the first-hand accounts of current students, the nationally ranked academics, accessible affordability, trail-blazing career advancement, and investment of student life, we can tell the story of Purdue by students for future Boilermakers. By utilizing design and photo assets and strategic messaging we successfully developed key messages that aided in a record-breaking freshman class enrollment.

Think Summer

By highlighting the small steps past Think Summer students have taken that are preparing them for their next giant leaps in the future. Showcasing the past small steps of others will help pave the way for more small steps to the next giant leaps of all students. There are numerous combinations of opportunities that students can be active in while a part of Think Summer, all while being affordable. By showcasing the classroom experience, research and internship opportunities, and affordability, we want to grow the Think Summer student pool to reach as many students as possible.

Utilizing social media channels, deliverable assets, and messaging in this strategic plan can help students can gain from the program.